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69 y/o woman from Furmanova, Ural region, Russia
Seeking a man from 57 to 66 years old.
I''m not rich, not healthy, not skinny, not athletic, not well read, not a boat owner, not a beach walker (well, maybe sometimes), nor a skydiver. I don''t run marathons, nor excercise every day, or jetset around the world. I smoke, I can cuss with the best of them, and I own my own MOBILE HOME AND LAND!! My TEETH are FALSE and my BOOBS are REAL! SUZY HOMEMAKER I''M NOT! (but not Board of Health material either!). I''m looking for a gent who lives IN MY IMMEDIATE AREA that just wants A LADY to have some fun and relaxing times with and not out to set the world on fire. A swim in the pool, a sit in the jacuzzi, BS''ing with the neighbors, or a long ride around the block. Nothing fancy, just us enjoying each others company. I consider myself as an old fashioned romantic. I love being in love. It is the best feeling and makes you feel truly alive. Thinking of the next time we meet, holding hands and sharing moments make a special relationship, that much more special. Women want to be loved, not screwed. Making love is not only something you do in the bedroom, or bathroom... or where ever you prefer it. It's something you do all day, for the rest of your lives. The way you look at them, the way you talk to them, the way you touch them... respect them. The actions going on in the bedroom should be an extension of that, not something separate. A man that can follow these words will have a tiger in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, car, for the length of the relationship. He'll know it's not about the act of sex, but the acts of love and caring..... acts... plural.... meaning small gestures of love/appreciation that have nothing to do with your "manly apparatus". A phone call or text message during the day, showing up at her job with a cup of coffee or a lunch invite. Flowers sent to her at work. A note left unexpectedly. ANYTHING that will let her know she's on your mind when not in your sight or your arms. Oh yeah, must get along with "DA POOCHIES"... NO EXCEPTIONS! NO KEYBOARD SEX!!! NO PHONE SEX!! NO INSTANT MESSAGE SEX!! NO PERVS, NO DRUGGIES, NO FREELOADERS, NO WINE-O''S, NO WHINERS, NO WEIRDOS OR WHACKO''S, NO GRUMPS OR PESSIMISTS, NO PINKY FINGERS IN THE AIR! HHHHMMM, I THINK I JUST KNOCKED OUT 99.7% OF THE GENTS LISTED HERE... HAHAHAHA!

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