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35 y/o woman from Yakutsk, Sakha (Yakutia), Russia
Seeking a man from 24 to 37 years old.
I'm from good ole' West Virginia...born and raised! I love it here, and I wouldn't change growing up here for the world! I have great friends - no, correction - I have the BEST friends. I love my family! Being from the "country", family values were a part of my childhood. I have an AWESOME little brother who just turned 19. My parents are divorced, but I love them both with all of my heart! I also have an "adopted" older brother, who is definitely my *rock* whenever things get hard. I love my "neice", Brayleigh, more than words could ever say. I currently work at a mental hospital. I am only employed as transportation. This means that I use a state vehicle and take the patients to different appointments, trial visits at group homes, and to their personal homes whenever they are discharged. I love my job very much! I work with the great people! I'm also a HUGE animal rights activist. I love animals! (and PETA, of course.) I have four dogs, and one bird. If you ever get the chance to talk to me, I'll probably tell you about them. I'm typically a very happy person. I'm an optimist - the gl is almost ALWAYS half full. I try to find the positive side to any situation...but, I'm also a realist. If you get your legs cut off by a rabid grhopper..there is NOTHING positive about that. *Jk* I'm nowhere near a "romantic", I've been burnt a few times playing in that kind of fire. I do want another relationship, and I'm willing to give anyone a run for their money!!!!!!

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