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48 y/o man from Iowa City, Iowa, USA
Seeking a woman from 35 to 47 years old.
I am into music but my pion is rock and roll! There are a few things that are important to me. My close friends (some of who are like a surrogate family to me),my band (I am the lead vocalist for a punk rock band and I am learning to play the harmonica and piano), and my job (because rock and roll doesn't pay the bills). I am a low maitinence-man to date. I realize that everyone has their own friends,family, and interests. I consider myself one of the last chivalrous gentlemen. I love to light a lady's cigarette or open her car door! I have 2 questions for you: One, do you like to read and if so; what or who are some of your favorite authors? Two, What are 5 of your favorite CDs (or albums) of all time? I like a woman who is attractive ( I am partial to heavier girls),intellignet,open-minded,has self-esteem but also a self-depreciating sense of humor,original,does not fear the unfamiliar,uninhibited,compionate,considerate, and pionate.

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