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5 y/o woman from , Washington, USA
Seeking a man from to 5 to 9 years old.
"SITE MODERATOR" I'M A SITE MODERATOR, ONLY HERE TO HELP OUT WITHIN THE FORUMS. ONLY HERE TO ENJOY THE SITE & FRIENDS I HAVE MADE ON THE WAY~~~~~~~~~~ Here for friendships and chat only!!! ONLY HERE FOR FRIENDS~~~~~~~ Looking for a true friendship First !!!! For without a true friendship there is nothing to base a relationship on. In order to get to know someone they must actually want to get to know what is within your mind and what you are really like as well as your thoughts about life. So unless one actually takes the time to get to know the real me you will only have a glimpse of who I am. There is much more to know besides the poetry I write and my personality or my words on the forums. I like to laugh & joke around, quick with the comebacks, love to talk never a dull moment.Open minded about life. Very straight forward and honest & expect the same. Independent. Have a mind of my own & do say what comes to my mind. Both my kids have just moved out I have raised them for the last 17 yrs by myself, and have decided its time for me now. Don't get me wrong I have not been a hermit for the last 17 yrs just that no one lived with me except my kids during that time. I'm down to earth and very honest. Looking for someone that likes some of the same things I do. But they must have a mind of there own and can make decisions by themselves. I'm not a clingy person so if there are things they like to do that is fine with me everyone needs time alone. I don't mind going to live sports events but ... I just don't care for most on tv. Unless it's motor cross something with some excitement or Rodeo''s. Love the country and site seeing. The one thing I miss most in my life is having my horses and going out to mess with them and just being able to saddle up and ride forever how long I choose too. A couple of years ago I had to make the decision to sell my horses I believe that was one of the hardest decisions I have been faced with since my divorce. But..they in fact were sold to a very good friend that knew how hard that decision was for me to make so after they bought them they actually turned around and donated both of them to a Boy's Home on the terms they were to stay together no matter what for they had in fact been a team for 17 years. One of the things I desire is to have someone to have fun with and laugh about things life throws at you for all you can do is do your best and keep going. I'm very much a talker very seldom a quiet moment so if that bothers you please p me up for I don't ever see that changing lmao. I'm a full figured woman that still enjoys life and doing many things. When one has captured my heart it is and will always be a true heart one that loves deeply. We all dream at one time or other of finding the one that is in our thoughts. The one that just by the sound of there voice, or a gentle touch makes your heart skip a beat. When you are a part you can't wait till you see them again. When you are in their arms you feel safe and the only thing that crosses your mind is that your so lucky to have the one you are holding. As you look deep into there eyes words are not needed for you know you are were you belong. Is this only a dream, lmao well if it is then don't wake me for when you quit Dreaming you quit Living. "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take. But by the moments that take our breath away" If it shows I'm not online send me a message anyway for most likely I'm in Stealth Mode. I'M A DREAMER , I STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE AT FIRST SITE AS WELL AS A LASTING LOVE, I BELIEVE TWO PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE AN OPEN HEART AND MIND AND BE ABLE TO LOVE WITH ALL THERE HEART. TREAD LIGHTLY , THINK THINGS THROUGH, BE HONEST,BE TRUST WORTHY, FAITHFUL, LOVING , KIND, COMPASSIONATE, RESPECTFUL , BE YOUR SELF & BE REAL, ALWAYS LET THE LAST WORDS YOU SAY TO ANOTHER BE I LOVE YOU!! FOR TOMORROW HAS NO GUARANTEE'S!! “Friends Are..” Friends are a gift. Your spirits they will lift. They will be there when you need them. They will not condemn. Friends will listen to you. And will not turn on you for what you do. They will be able to see. Even if they do not at times agree. Friends will stand at your side. No matter how high the tide. You will be able to confide. And there shoulder they will provide. Friends that are true are rare. They truly do care Life sometimes gets you down. All you have to do is look around. Friends will be there close. For they all know how it goes. They have been there before. And you have helped them get off the floor. Friends you should cherish them. They are like a Rose on a stem. They will make you smile. And remind you life is worthwhile. To all my dear ones I call a friend. I will always be here for you till the end. K.L.M 9/8/2007 “I Want To Be” I want to be the one to turn you on. That it’s you I talk to till the break of dawn. I want to be the one that is there for you. No matter what in life you want to do. I want to be the one that makes you smile. And life together is so worthwhile. I want to be the one to wipe away your tears. And be there to chase away your fears. I want to be the one that you look too. And to you to always be true. I want to be the one that it seems. I’m always in your dreams. I want to be the one that will be. Right there for you to see. I want to be the one that when you look in my eyes. It makes your heart jump and rise. I want to be the one that it’s your heart. And your love you want to give knowing I will never part. I want to be the one that comes your way. And in your heart will be there to stay. K.L.M 12/28/2007 “Do You See Me?” Do you see me standing here? With a heart that is sincere. Did you take the time to look at my face? And see that these arms would embrace. Or did you just look away? Not looking as you turned to walk away. Not even given me a thought. Were you afraid to look and get caught? Were you afraid of what you would see? So instead you turned to flee. Are you so scared? To share your life for you’re not prepared. To give all that you can. For it is not within your plan. So it is easier just to walk away. Here just like you do each day. This way you don’t have to give a part. Of your soul and keep your heart. Are you afraid I will break it? Do you not think my love would be legit? I guess one will never know. How love may go. As Long as they turn and walk away. Maybe one day you will send a message my way. K.L.M 8/14/2008 “Walking Tall” After we decide what we prefer. Does it all seem to go out the door in a blur? We decide to go out just to see. If there is one out there that will be. We search through all the faces. As we visit different places. We look waiting to see if there is one. When it is all said and done. Not knowing whom will be there. At times it leaves us in despair. Making us search back. Wondering where did we go off track? What is it we seem to do wrong? It makes us weak even if we were strong. The doubts creep in faster then we can blink. Making us wonder did we not think. That here within this life. Did we not think love would bring us strife? Even the times things turn out wrong. We must hold up our heads and be strong. K.L.M 1-10-2010 ---///-\\\----Put This ---|||---|||---On Your ---|||---|||---account If ---|||---|||---You Know ---\\\-///----Someone ----\\///-----Who Died -- --///\-----Of -- -///\\\----Cancer ----///--\\\ Send me a message! Dedicated to my "Mother" Billie Florine ......... Dec 12,1926 -Dec 14,1959 Please don't request to be on my friends list if we have never talked. I ure you those within my friends list I do and have talked to them many times.

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