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40 y/o man from Gera, Thuringen, Germany
Seeking a woman from 29 to 36 years old.
O ZerOreX O Without me or within me, I have no name or yes name; I am nameless or namemore. Neither without me nor within me, neither no name nor yes name; neither nameless nor namemore! See, Learn, Think, Meditate, Understand and Feel. What is O or 0 or (O) or (0)? With me, I have zero name or zero mark; I am zero name or zero mark. May you call me "ZerOreX" or "ZekOkeX". I hope we shall build our own Mission ZX! (ZerOreX Education, Restauranion, Clubation, Entertaination and Foundation ZX) I am awake or enlightened, kind, wise, virtue, compionate, joyous, equal, free, lucky and well-educated man. I am on Earth and in Kosmos. I am neither African nor European nor Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, so on) nor American (American, Canadian, Mexican, Venezuelan, so on) nor so on. I, thus, think of myself as a human being. If I would be I am willing to be Kosmoson/-en/-an/-ese and Earthon/-en/-an/-ese! In view of that, I have my Bodhi Mind of Compion and Wisdom with Pure Awareness and Kosmic Awareness on Enlightenment. I have been meditating Bodhisattvism, Taoism and Buddhism, I have been studying Computer Spirituality (Computer Technology), I have been practicing myself Tao of Jeet Kune Do by Bruce Lee and I want to practice Acting School and Shaolin Temple. =P

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