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38 y/o man from Navlya, Bryansk region, Russia
Seeking a woman from 32 to 38 years old.
I am looking for a girl who happens to know and understand her Islam, preferably who has goals in her life, may be to pursue education, a good conversationalist, and someone who is exciting, provocative, nice and honest, in aspect of herself and her life. One of the adorable qualities I like in a girl is someone who has a great attatchment to her parents, and for elders. I Like the type of people who are themselves and don't try so hard to impress people. I am very straight forward. One thing I like is I love sending signals of my affections which you will most definitely notice. Come with respect and good intentions and there will be no problems. I love to laugh and socialize. I'm into the type that knows what she wants and just well aware of what she needs, wants and desires in life. Firm yet gentle, an ambitious, successful woman who is family oriented. Hi, my name is Shahriar, I am looking to make friends may be more; I came to FSU this summer, trying to make some new friends. My FSU is mks05. I have tried to discover myself and have found that I am living in an individualistic society, where majority of the people are involved within themselves. People following the contents of the fashion magazines and ideas that make us to think how we can spend more money just to be alone, which everybody hates to be in. When you think about it for a second you will realize, what have you done not to deserve that right person in your life and why does it take such a long time to find that special someone that you want to be with. Life is very challenging, and trying to figure out every part and every chapter of life is what makes us to live and discover what we are looking for, all our lives. Anyway, If you find me or my thoughts interesting, write me a line, I promise I will get back to you. Don't be shy, if you get to know me I will make sure I will try to get you out of any woods that you may have lost yourself into.I would describe her to be seductive, provocative, challenging, stimulating, thought-provoking, exciting, and inspiring. Someone who has goals in her life and wants to reach that destination. Someone who is courageous enough to say things upfront, be there rather then hide. My perfect hour is to be at the beach at night, by the ocean, sitting there listening to the sounds of the waves, the feeling of love and living life. I think love is amazing, But I know life is not just Romance. This is very interesting and I have found it true for most women. I have many different women friends, When I try to yze their personalities with the type of personality I am looking for, I find it very interesting to know that what I am looking for, unfortunately do not or cannot exist, because I want some one who is funny, caring, sweet, sensible, and intelligent. At times, I feel like I want someone who happens to be a wonderful friend, lover, a social butterfly, goofy, seductive and provocative. All these wants cannot exist because they are not from one person. One thing I am so sure, whoever she is, without doubt of her personality or her pride, or her achievements or her accomplishments I know I will treat her the way she want to be treated, not only as my best friend for life, but for every aspect of our lives, I want to make sure that we are equal in partners, for every decisions, for every actions we take for our lives in all of our situations. This is a promise from my heart to hers. One of the most important qualities I like in any person is when they are able to communicate without worry. Being upfront, I want to be there for her when she needs me and the very same way I want her to be there for me when I need her. Love is very beautiful it has no pride, and it does not boast and one thing I firmly believe is that everything is fair in love and war. I think that is where the fun actually starts. I thank you for reading my thoughts; and I hope you will write me line.

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