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37 y/o man from Mand, Loeser, France
Seeking a woman from 28 to 33 years old.
I am Clinton and I am a 23 year old male from Temple Terrace. My style would be probability be considered old style, i.e. I believe in romance, I believe that any relationship is based on communication, honestly and trust along with other elements which I would be happy to discuss, I like to learn new things from a new recipe to learning a new art technique (I believe learning is important to life) and living one day at a time. I am a simple guy when it comes to what I like to do, rather it is sitting home and having a nice meal or going to the park; but I also love to cuddle, going to the park and or the beach , romantic nights by a fire and having a nice stroll and a picnic, I like watching the sunrise and also watching the sunset and going out to dinner at nice restaurants (I like going to American Restaurants but also enjoy Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Indian), and as for my fun side, I like to go to amut parks, art museum's, watching TV (I like reality shows, drama and comedy), watching movies (my favorite kind of movies are romantic, comedy, horror, true store, suspense and biography), listing to music (I enjoy Country music along with Jazz, Clic, R&B, Hip-Hop, Raga and Caribbean), playing pool, going bowling, camping or basically anything fun. My motto is, “I love to try anything once and if I like it I do it again.”

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